What is a podcast?
"A podcast is audio or visual content that is automatically delivered over a network via free subscription. Once subscribed to, podcasts can be regularly distributed over the Internet or within your school’s network and accessed with an iPod, laptop, or desktop computer (both Macs and PCs)." - Apple Computer, "Podcasting in Education" website, 4/06

Why do we podcast?
Web design can be a complicated process often involves a series of steps for each task in a project. Podcasts offer a great method for students to watch over and over after a lesson is given or view it if they are absent from class when a lesson was taught in class. This is why lessons taught in our coruses regularly recorded live using screen recording software and then made available in podcast format shortly after they are delivered. These podcasts have been produced for reference and use specifically with the Web Design classes at New Hartford High School. These can be freely downloaded and listened to by anyone who wishes to subscribe to them.

How can you listen to our podcasts?

Subscribing Directly Using iTunes

Podcasts are best viewed and accessed using a podcast reading program such as iTunes. If you need to install iTunes on your computer, it can be downloaded here for free from Apple. Once you have downloaded and installed the program, you can click on the appropriate orange RSS button below to subscribe directly to each classes' podcast in iTunes. Using this method, as each new lesson (episode) is posted, iTunes will automatically que the new file to downloaded when once is posted.

Web Design 1

Viewing on the Web (using FeedBurner & QuickTime)
If you do not iTunes or another podcast reading program installed, you can view the podcast media files and blog entries directly in any web browser from a web page version of the podcast provided by FeedBurner. To view the media files in your web browser, you will need have QuickTime 7 installed on your computer. If you need install it, QuickTime can be downloaded here for free from Apple. To access the blog website for each podcasts, click the link below to open the web page version of the podcast in a new browser window.

Web Design 1

Finding Us on the iTunes Store
To make our podcasts easier to find for students and anyone in the world, we have add links to our feeds to the iTunes Store. If you have iTunes installed on your computer, the links below will open iTunes and bring you directly to our podcasts as they are featured in the store. You can subscribe to the podcasts there as well if you wish. Perhaps best of all, the iTunes Store allows anyone to comment on a podcast so if you like our podcasts, please consider writing a positive review so other students and subscribers can learn more about our podcasts before downloading. Thanks!

Web Design 1 on the iTunes Store

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