As with most technical courses, having and using resources is the key to success. Below are possible resources that have been reviewed and added here by the course instructor for your convenience.

This course is currently taught using eMac Macintosh computers running OS X 10.4 and related hardware. Here is a partial list of hardware available in the classroom and related links.

  • Apple (computers)
  • Epson (scanners)
  • Canon (digital video cameras)
  • SONY (digital still cameras)

This course is currently taught using the Macromedia Family of web design products. Here is a list of software that is available in the classroom and school library and their related links.

Several have been purchased by the school that are available in the library for research and reference. Online review links are provided by Barnes & Noble (They are the most prominent local bookseller where personal copies of these books can be bought.)

Online Resources
There are countless references available on the web by searching any number of search engines. Some of the instructor’s recommended sites are listed below.

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