Below are select samples of student work. Each of these projects displayed both creative and techincally accurate solutions to the design problems presented.

MP3 Player Skins
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KansasU Skin
Andrew Parrott
Fall 2001

  Jenamp Skin
Jennie Mazza
Fall 2001
Blade Skin
Jonathan Blando
Fall 2002
  Sunglass Skin
Jennifer Wiseman
Fall 2002
Wood Skin
Eddie Spetka
Spring 2002
  Muzik Skin
Kassandra Freetage
Spring 2002
Key Skin
Carlos Cordova
Spring 2003
Penta Skin
Anna Wanner
Spring 2003
Phone Skin
Aaron Brewer
Fall 2003
    Bubble Skin
Amanda Matt
Fall 2003
Guitar Skin
Ryan Cecil
Fall 2004
  Petals Skin
KayCie Simmons
Fall 2004
Bowling Skin
Simon Eisenbach
Spring 2005
Flower Skin
Sierra Achin
Spring 2005
Baseball Skin
Marc Montesano
Fall 2005
Smileys Skin
Chelsea Sachs-Mischalaine
Fall 2005
Rim Skin
Mike Imobersteg
Spring 2006
Butterfly Skin
Megan Ott
Spring 2006
Green Bay Skin
Ryan Everhart
Fall 2006
Italy Skin
Christina D'amico
Fall 2006
Amoeba Skin
Matthew Ivory
Spring 2007
Sailing Skin
Madaeline Boyle
Spring 2007
Good Vibrations Skin
Matthew Hapanowicz
Fall 2007
Movie Clapboard Skin
Kelsey Ryan
Fall 2007
Mario Skin
David Lentricchia
Spring 2008
Sunny Day Skin
Kelsey Nackley
Fall 2007
Helmet Skin
Bill Timpano
Fall 2008
Sundae Skin
Abby Giannatelli
Fall 2008

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